Before & After – Reviving a queen Anne’s legged Side table

Who hasn’t awed at beautiful queen Anne’s legged specimen and got lost in a wishful desire to own it. I have seen these in the fleas, the liquidations and the expensive antique stores time and again with a dozen different coats of paints slathered on by all its previous owners, as they wanted to make it their own. I get the sentiment. So here I am salvaging one such beauty out of its paleness to a marshmallow palette.

This piece of furniture happens to be one of those very rare and lovely craiglist accidents. Lets just say that I got this at a crazy sick deal and by painting this, I have increased its value 10-fold.





I started with sanding the entire piece and then painting the slide-out drawers one at a time. Even though I loved the existing finish of the beautiful drawer handle, I was itching to use my newly purchased copper acrylic paint to slather onto something. So I gave painting the entire handle copper a shot and Boy I have no regrets.



Not bad. Except I started to dislike how pink this piece looked, even though the paint itself advertises a soft peach on the jar. I hate it when colours deceive the eye like that. I decided to to reduce the peach and paint the outermost bracket an ultra-soft yellow. Check out the top drawer.


And just like that I turned this furniture into a tricolour marshmallow.


The rest of the furniture has been painted an antique white.



A little styling never hurt anybody!


A delicious little printed cushion can up your entertaining game a couple of notches higher. Always.



I am extremely pleased with the final look of this side table, even though it took my lower back for a painful ride! Please feel free to comment and share if you liked the transformation. What would you do differently? What’s brewing at your end?



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