Day Trip to the beautiful Prince Edward County- Part 2

You are reading Part 2 of this weekend day-trip to Prince Edward County.

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Next stop : The County Cider Company

We had overheard a lady in the Slickers Ice cream shop, talking great stuff about some place called the County Cider Company. So I quickly fed it into my Google Maps only to locate it 35 km away in Waupoos. Waupoos is another community in Prince Edward County which is in the centre of the county’s cider and wine industry. Off we drove!




IMG_7037nprince edward county_IMG_7110

Upon arriving, we signed up for an apple and pear based hard cider tasting and picked up a four pack of this premium Waupoos cider. This cider had subtle woody notes that we immediately took a liking to. I also felt it would be a great pairing for home cooked seafood.



They also have an awesome little restaurant with a fantastic vineyard overlooking the lake view.prince edward county1

We did miss out on their supposedly sumptuous wooden oven baked pizzas because we had limited time to cover other things like Lavender Farms ( YES!), before it got dark.

lavender cc

I was dying to visit the very popular Prince Edward County Lavender farms! However, much to my usual misfortune, the lavenders were all harvested just the week before our visit. We missed out on their grand Lavender festival by a week. I felt like punching myself in the face for not having planned this better. The flowers were now lying trapped and distilled inside essential oil bottles, soaps, honey, teas and other culinary products. So we had to drop it and move on.

Giant Sunflowers!


Just when I was feeling all grumpy about the demise of my lavender dreams, we caught a glimpse of these magnificent sunflower fields. They were just across this local farmland we were passing by. These certainly made up for the bad luck and I couldn’t resist taking a couple of shots, because that’s what I do!


Glenora Ferry

After our brief affair with the grandeur of the sunflowers, we headed straight for a ferry ride. We read somewhere about a Glenora Ferry that shuttles cars to and from Prince Edward County at no charge. We drove to the spot and after waiting for our turn for about 15 minutes, we got to park our car right onto the ferry. When the ferry started moving, we got out of the car and stood at the railing. We loved taking in the view of the beautiful shore on the other side, as it inched closer.

prince edward county_IMG_7061

On crossing over, we enjoyed one of the most beautiful lakeside scenic drives I’ve ever experienced. No kidding! But after all that fun, we decided it was time for supper as it was late evening and we had to drive back to Toronto too. We decided upon this place called River Pub and Terrace, which was the perfect, relaxing spot to punctuate our weekend getaway.



Much to my joy, that was way too much beauty for a last moment weekend plan like this and I knew we just had to come back for so many other must-do’s in the region like Sandbank provincial park, Black River Cheese Company, Lake on the Mountain and locations I am losing count of. I really hope that this little adventure of ours inspires you to take that trip to Prince Edward County too. If you are considering it, just go with it. It is worth it. Goodbye Eddie! We will see you again!

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