How to clone multiple houseplants from a single houseplant (pothos)


I love houseplants. It helps me transform my tiny shoebox condo to a little slice of heaven. Lately, I have been excited about the idea of propagating multiple free houseplants out of a single parent houseplant and its just so perfect for anyone who is on a home decor budget or are in a rental home without any outdoor space. A plant like pothos or house ivy is just perfect as it doesn’t need much sunlight to grow and survive around the year. Its most fantastic feature is its ability to grow roots right in the air.


Zooming in on the node/ root on the stem-


The idea is to carefully snip it right under the node and place the cutting into a cup full of water for a week.




I took three cuttings and placed them in their respective containers for a week.



In a week’s time you would notice the node rooting further out into the container. That’s an indication that its time to pot these babies in soil.


Its time to carefully plant the roots in moist, porous soil or a potting mix, without damaging the roots


Water the babies periodically for two weeks and Voila! They will grow roots strong enough to anchor itself and grow taller.

My heart wells up to see a new houseplant birth successfully! This is was so easy and I’m sure you’d have fun trying it for yourself too!


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