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   My name is Rashmeet Kaur and I am the kick-starter of this blog. I grew up in India and later moved to Toronto, Canada. I enjoy life experiences best when I have people to share them with. For a while, I private journaled all that fascinated me, but the commitment dwindled. So here I am, sharing my obsession with creative projects and positive messages to engage more with my tribe and really, what better way than initiating a conversation ?!

 My love for all things tactile such as beautiful fabrics and prints, textile crafts, ceramic arts, sculpture, art installations, etc. makes me wish I was living multiple parallel lifetimes, having the time to learn and master all possible art mediums. I have always been a hopeless hoarder of things my neighbours would probably discard, but I manage to convince myself that what looks pretty disposable right now is actually a fabulous bunch of potential DIY makeovers, waiting to be blown some life into. Interestingly, I have days when a usually dormant part of me champions the cause of owning less in life. I temporarily get tired of all my toys ( Hello there stationery junkies! wink* wink* ) and start seeing the value in decluttering and the simplicity & clarity it brings. And that’s a conflict I might never be able to sort. You can imagine how painful spring cleaning can be when you truly believe that the now empty pickle pot deserves a second life as a holder of my beautifully dip dyed wooden stirrers and muddlers. That the bed sheet can become a table runner that can become cushion covers that can become table napkins that I can screen-print on. 

How can one want the zen and the confetti at the same time !?!

Strangely, this chaos is my lifeline. I enjoy turning things around and finding opportunities where seemingly none exist. So gratifying!

Fun facts:

   For the times that I am rejoicing in all my shiny mess, I prefer staying in my ultra lush onesies. I hate the phone, but love the conversation. I am an outgoing introvert which is kinda like saying I am a Jumbo shrimp. I have a special obsession with interesting surface patterns & I love mixing prints. I pick a hazelnut frappé every time. I love making photographs & can never throw handwritten notes away. If you let me, I’d be a brilliant therapist at your worst and my baby-sis thinks I might’ve been a life coach in another life. I believe in the power of a beautiful room and bring home countless essential oils. I love every bit of being on the move and have changed several homes. But I long for permanence of dwelling. Hopefully the richness of all that I have and would be picking along the way adds some goodness to your day.

Lets brew some inspiration and adorn our vibe. And yes! I believe you can have your zen and your confetti, just the same.

“Freedom without structure is its own kind of hell”—Someone cool.

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