About the Blog


Hi there!

My name is Rashmeet and I am so glad you decided to stop by!

‘The Inspired Brew’ is a lifestyle blog devoted to simple, reflective and colourful living brewed with oodles of inspiration, beautiful intention and handcrafted geekery. This space believes in the simplest of joys. Snippets of my daily life are shared here when I come across stuff that blows my mind or I consider worth sharing. My absolute undying love for surface patterns and all colours of the spectrum, both visible and invisible would come through this space and hopefully inspire you to be unafraid of dabbling in the same. The blog spans the entire world in subject matter and strives to help you live with more personal panache. Finding inspiration is a learnable art and isn’t exclusive to designers and artists. We will brew a lot of magic here, but we are also going to touch upon stepping back, slowing down, taking stock and allowing ourselves to just be. 

So who is this space for ?

Find yourself nod to any of the following? You just cant discount the idea of living in a well designed /& decorated home, even if it’s a temporary one. The idea of the opposite is detriment to your basic well being. You don’t mind investing in that conversation-starter piece but for all other times, you google your hacks ‘cos come on! There’s never enough for all that travelling you want to do before dying. You can tell style from fashion. You are willing to give colour and bold prints a chance.You choose realness over perfection. Your laughter varies in pitch, volume and appropriateness. You are someone who’s tried to give yourself a haircut at least once in your life and you hated it. You are always hustling your way through “I feel strange this morning” moments. You love the weirdness of your relationships and the magic of your friendships. You love stories that make you feel that we’re all strangely but beautifully connected. 

Get to know me here  & lets get brewing..